Batman #263 (1975)

Batman #263

The Joker was Batman’s nemesis, and Catwoman his weakness, and Two-Face his lost cause. But as a kid, I liked the Riddler. I felt sorry for him. I related to him. He was smart enough and daring enough, but he just didn’t have the “killer instinct” that the others had. Consequently, Batman just seemed to care more about the others. Even the Penguin got more respect.

The Riddler can't help himself

This issue features a story by Dennis O’Neil with art by Dick Giordano.


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Mystery Comics Digest #13 (1973)

Mystery Comics Digest #13

Probably my favorite comic book ever! This was a digest-size compilation of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” comics from the 60’s and 70’s. I liked every one of the 20 stories included, although I especially liked “Burial at Sea” (the ghost of a pirate possesses a young writer), “Collector’s Item” (a collector of antiques finds the shield of Perseus), and “The Golem” (about a golem, of course). Even better, the stories were supposed to be true!

She's come back from the dead!


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The Amazing Spider-Man #154 (1976)

Spider-Man vs Sandman

My favorite Spider-Man villain was the Sandman. But in the mid-70’s, it seemed that Spider-man mostly fought the Green Goblin (in one incarnation or another), the Punisher and Doctor Octopus (over and over again). So I was excited to find this comic in my local 7-11 featuring the Sandman. The artwork for this issue was done by Sal Buscema, story by Len Wein.

Sandman escapes!


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