Comic Book Prices and the Kid Collector

Until the mid-1980s, comic books were primarily for children with change in their pockets. From the 30’s through the 50’s, a comic book usually cost 10¢. For most of the 60’s, a comic was 12¢. But beginning in 1969, the price of comics rose every few years.


Tales to Astonish #100 (1968)

Tales to Astonish #100 (1968)


When I began collecting comics in 1971, a comic book cost me 20¢. Sometimes my parents would buy me a comic, but mostly I had to do yard work or run errands for neighbors to make money for my hobby. (And I usually included a Slurpee and bubble gum with my purchase.)


The Demon #1 (1972)

The Demon #1 (1972)


I remember when prices went up to 25¢ in 1974 and went up again to 30¢ a couple years later. I could see the pattern, and when the price went up to 35¢ in 1977, I decided that was my “top” price to pay for a regular comic. I still bought the occasional “giant-size” or special, but as it turns out, I soon discovered something else to spend my money on – girls.


Here is one of the last regular comics I bought as a kid:


Avengers #172 (1978)

The Avengers #172 (1978)


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