Marvel Two-in-One #25 (1977)

Marvel Two-in-One #25

One of the best things about comics in the 70’s was the team-ups. DC Comics continued what they had started earlier with the Brave and the Bold, and World’s Finest. Marvel began doing team-ups with Marvel Two-in-One and Marvel Team-up. (There were even villain team-ups like DC’s Secret Society of Super Villains and Marvel’s Super-Villain Team-up. Double hyphens!)

Dropped from a plane!

Marvel Two-in-One #25 had the added feature of combining genre’s – super heroes and martial arts. The Thing and Iron Fist face an army (actually 2 armies) of trained kung-fu killers! Writer Marv Wolfman even worked in a moral about the responsibility of power at the end.


Original collection, Current collection


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