Manhunter the Special Edition Post (1999)

Manhunter the Special Edition

Written by Archie Goodwin.  Artwork by Walt Simonson.


When I saw this 1999 trade paperback, I had to buy it. I had discovered Manhunter by accident in 1973 when I bought Detective Comics #437. I thought the cover was cool, and Batman was my favorite DC hero. But it was the backstory about an assassin in the mountains of Nepal that grabbed my imagination. Written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Walt Simonson, Manhunter’s story was told across seven issues of Detective Comics, culminating in DC #443. But I only got the first installment.


DC 437DC 438DC 439DC 440DC 441DC 442DC 443 SSSV #3


After #437, all these issues were 100 Page Giants and were more than double the cost of a regular comic. For an 8-year old kid, buying six more spendy issues was too much to ask. I gave up on Manhunter until he showed up in the Secret Society of Super-Villains in 1976. (He was in the first 5 issues, and then got killed off – again.) I didn’t finish the original Manhunter saga until 25 years later! The Special Edition TPB came with a foil cover and a bonus Manhunter story by Walt Simonson. It became my favorite item in the second wave of my comic collecting (graphic novels and trade paperbacks).


The Manhunter


Current collection


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