All-Star Comics #63 (1976)

All Star #63

In 1976, DC restarted All-Star Comics. The Justice Society of America was back! I liked the retro feel of these comics, especially the artwork of Wally Wood*. I also liked the way All-Star mixed up older Golden Age heroes (The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman) with younger heroes (Power Girl, Star Spangled Kid).


For me, the story line peaked with issue #63 as the JSA battle the Injustice League and Zanadu, the god of Chaos, while Dr. Midnite and the Star Spangled Kid try to keep Dr. Fate from dying. In true Golden Age style, Fate dies, only to be accidently revived by Zanadu’s magic of Chaos. Superman and Power Girl drop Solomon Grundy into a volcano. Wildcat, enthralled by the Fiddler, attacks Hawkman. Zanadu summons all of his Lemurian power to destroy the Justice Society and …. What a great comic!

Wildcat attacks Hawkman

*I know, I know. It is literally impossible for a guy over the age of 10 to think about All-Star Comics without visualizing Wally Wood’s Power Girl. Here you go:

Power Girl's first appearance, All-Star Comics #58

from All-Star Comics #58


Original collection


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