The Defenders #50 (1977)

Defenders #50

As a kid, I wasn’t a big Defenders fan, but I really enjoyed the Scorpio stories in the summer of ’77. Scorpio (Nick Fury’s brother) is using SHIELD’s LMD (Life Model Decoy) technologies to create a super-villain team, the Zodiac, when the Defenders interfere with his plans.

The Zodiac

But the characters (Scorpio, the Zodiac members, Max the LMD, even the Defenders) all seem a little crazy. Jake (Scorpio) hangs out with a LMD of his brother named “Max”. Hulk goes on a major rampage that even the Defenders can’t control. About a third of Zodiac is angst ridden, not really wanting to fight. When Scorpio accidentally kills several members of his own team, he seems to have a psychological breakdown. And by the end of the story, you know you’ve read something different. This excellent story was written by David Kraft with artwork by Keith Giffen.

Chaos at the Zodiac Headquarters


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