Monsters of the Movies #1 (1974)


Comic story by Roy Thomas.  Comic artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Comic story by Roy Thomas. Artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith.


I know what you’re thinking … I’ve gone “Forrest Ackerman” on you. Not so. This movie monster magazine included a great horror comic tale – “The Demon that Devoured Hollywood” – originally published in Tower of Shadows #5. This was one of the horror stories that most affected me as a boy. It’s about a selfish, vain actor who stupidly sells his soul to become a star. A mysterious make-up artist creates incredible masks and costumes which vault the actor to fame. But when the actor tries to back out of the deal, he pays a terrible price. Very old school horror. The original was in color, but this reprint is in black and white. Didn’t make it any less scary.  Original collection; Current collection



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