Astonishing Tales #1-2 (1970)


Various writers and artists

Various writers and artists


Astonishing Tales is a double feature comic with two original story lines in each issue. #1 and #2 feature the beginning of “the Doomsman” epic (with Doctor Doom) and the first of the Ka-Zar adventures. The Doctor Doom story is written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Wally Wood. The Ka-Zar story is co-written by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas with illustrations by Jack Kirby.




The “Doomsman” story seems a bit forced to me, with a little too much going on. But the other story, “The Power of Ka-Zar,” is a lot of fun, as Kraven the Hunter travels to the Savage Land to hunt Zabu the Sabre Tooth Tiger (and Ka-Zar’s companion). Jack Kirby does a great job with all three main characters, as well as the supporting flora and fauna of the Savage Land and New York City.


Astonishing Tales01-K01Astonishing Tales01-K03



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