Marvel Preview #8 – The Legion of Monsters (1976)



Various writers and artists


Marvel Preview #8 is the third magazine using “Legion of Monsters” in the title.  This one features more traditional monsters.  This one has some of the same characters.  But really they aren’t related.




Marvel Preview #8 includes four stories.  “The Madman of Mansion Slade” stars Morbius taking on, not surprisingly, the madman.  It is written by Doug Moench with artwork by Sonny Trinidad.  Blade the Vampire Slayer faces a school of vampire children when he enters “Into the  House of Terror.” This creepy story by  Marv Wolfman is made even creepier by Gene Colan’s illustrations.  “The Reality Manipulators” is written by Don MacGregor with artwork by Mike Ploog.  Russ Jones and John Warner script “Curse of Anubis” with pencils by Val Mayerik.


The cover is a bit misleading as Blade and Morbius are in separate stories. But they do face off in Adventure into Fear #24.



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