The Brave and the Bold #112 (1974)


Various writers and artists


This super spectacular 100-page issue includes four stories.  “The Impossible Escape” features two great escape artists, Batman and Mister Miracle, in an original story by Bob Haney with art by Jim Aparo.  The other three stories are Silver Age reprints from the Brave and the Bold #15, #51 and #59. “Fury of the Exiled Creature” is an Aquaman and Hawkman team-up, scripted by Bob Haney with pencils by Howard Purcell.  Haney also wrote “The Tick-Tock Traps of the Time Commander” featuring Batman and Green Lantern.  The art is by Ramona Fradon.  Robert Kanigher scripted the Silent Knight tale, “The Three Flaming Dooms,” illustrated by Irv Novick. The cover is by Jim Aparo.




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