Berni Wrightson, Master of the Macabre #1-5 (1983)



Artwork by Berni(e) Wrightson.  Stories by various writers.


This mini-series of comics reprints many of the stories Wrightson penciled from Creepy, Eerie, Witzend, Web of Horror and other publications.  These were originally published in black and white, but here they are in full color!  Included are the truly disturbing “Muck Monster,” “Cool Air,” and “Jennifer.”

berni-wrightson-master-of-the-macabre-02-00-fc berni-wrightson-master-of-the-macabre-03-00-fc berni-wrightson-master-of-the-macabre-04-00-fc berni-wrightson-master-of-the-macabre-05-00-fc





These stories are reprinted from: Creepy #62, #63, #77 and #87; Eerie #58, #60, #62, and #68; Web of Horror #2 and #3; Witzend #7; Badtime Stories; This Is Legend; and Graphic Showcase #2.  Writers for these stories include Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Jones, Nicola Cuti, Bill DuBay, and adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe (“The Black Cat”), H.P Lovecraft (“Cool Air”) and Washington Irving (“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”).


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