Giant Weird Secret Origins (2004)



Various writers and artists


This great one-shot reprints the Golden Age and Silver Age origin stories for Doctor Fate (More Fun Comics #67), the Enchantress (Strange Adventures #187), Animal Man Strange Adventures #180), Congorilla (Action Comics #248), El Diablo (All-Star Western #3), and the Spectre (More Fun Comics #52 and #53).  Also included are two bonus stories: The Origin of the Bizarro World (World’s Finest Comics #181) and The Tricks of Metamorpho’s Trade (World’s Finest Comics #226).




Writers include Gardner Fox, Bob Haney, David Wood, Nelson Bridwell, Robert Bernstein, Robert Kanigher,  Otto Binder,  and Jerry Siegel.  The featured artists include Howard Sherman, Howard Purcell, Carmine Infantino, Ramona Fradon, Gray Morrow, Wayne Boring, John Forte, and Bernard Bailey.  The cover is by Jerry Ordway.


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