CBS Super Saturdays

Saturday mornings were a good time to be a kid who loved superheroes –

In the 60’s …


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In the 70’s …


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Cupcakes, Fruit Pies, Twinkies and Super-Heroes IX


Ever found an unopened Hostess snack in the back of a shelf, but you didn’t know how old it was?  You unwrap it, and it looks OK, and it smells OK, but you’re not sure if you should eat it?  Regardless of their legendary shelf life, I suggest you NOT eat it and instead read some old Hostess comic book ads from the 70s.  Like these …

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90’s Arcade Games


There were some great superhero arcade games in the 90’s.  My favorites were Konami’s X-Men and Capcom’s The Punisher.  Even had high scores once in a while. You can view cabinets, flyers and clips at Arcade Memories – 90s.  (Once you’re there, you can go even further “Back to the Arcade” if you want to.  And there are even some free play games.)